Podcast #1 – At home with .. by Lilly Pebbles and Anna Gardner



I’ve been following Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner (aka TheAnnaEdit) on Youtube for YEARS. I’ve started following them on Youtube because they display with authenticity bits of their daily life in London and Brighton. Their vlogs are my favorite but I also enjoy watching their favorite videos, product reviews etc. It is refreshing to see people on the social web being honest and down-to-earth.

I was more than happy when they announced the launch of their Podcast “At home with..”. I’ve never really been into podcasts, as I prefer to visually witness interactions. However, the concept is brilliant and innovative: In each episode, they ask aspirational women of the beauty/fashion industry to talk about their career journey, passions, inspirations. A creative format, interesting to listen to whether you’re into beauty/fashion or not.

Link to the first episode: here

Lily – Youtube channel 

Anna – Youtube channel 




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