It’s time to look for a job

SURPRISE ! This is the 5th rejection mail you’ve received these past few days and you feel numb. Nothing can hurt your feelings anymore, you’ve done your best, spent hours on a cover letter explaining to a certain company why they should hire you and they didn’t. Welcome to this time of your life where every day is about finding job ads, sending your cv, writing a new personalized cover letter. In the beginning, you’re really into it like Hercules facing the 12 labors but the most you apply the ugliest it gets. It takes time, it takes patience and energy. And it makes you realize that it’s a little bit too much for what it is. Especially when they’re asking candidates in a “junior level job” to have lots of experience. Are we not supposed to be junior and freshly graduates? Are internship not supposed to be first experiences?

I have come to the conclusion that companies do expect a lot from graduates. Too much for my own liking. That’s the downside of Internet. As information is available to all, companies expect us to swallow and digest everything quickly. More than that, they expect us (who apply for a job in the entertainment industry) to be “our own company” capable of growing an audience, have a certain reputation, have some contacts in the media, a lot of specific skills (internet related). If I knew how to grow an audience on social media, why would I waste my time applying for a job? I would just be an influencer and have the freedom to be as creative as I want.

A little reminder:

  •  We apply for internships to GET SKILLS in order to, later on, get a job.
  •  We apply for jobs to put our skills into practice. THAT IS ALL!

Obviously, the more experience you get, the better the job can be. We all start from point zero so why asking that much in the beginning?

These past few years some companies found a more interesting way to recruit candidates: asking them to write a creative brief and/or through a video interview.  An innovative initiative to make of this recruitment process a more pleasant one. Recruiters are able to see the candidate, listen to him/her, have a glimpse of his/her personality.

Why not giving candidates multiple ways to apply for a job? We should all be able to choose between classic applications (CV + Cover Letter) and more creative ones (Video Interview, creative brief, recording). People who are more comfortable with the classic ones and don’t mind writing a cover letter would be the happiest and people (like me) who are more at ease with creativeness will go for the other choices.

A word to the wise!


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