One year in Cardiff ..

My year in Cardiff is about to end and I still remember my first day here, running around the streets to find my way to the Residence Reception. I was on an a-two-days trip from the Caribbean. The residence reception was about to close and with it, my chance to have access to my new room, and the most important a BED. As you may guess, I’ve managed to arrive on time, sick and tired but excited to start a new journey. I had no friends, no family and no idea of what I was getting myself into.

Favorite view from the bridge #cardiff

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Well, time flew by and 10 months later I can say that I survived. I had my moments, I cried, laugh, thought a lot about what I wanted in my life. I’ve grown, challenged myself and realised far from my loved ones how lucky I was to have all these people around me.  University was also hard to go back to, the assessments, the pressure to find internships, a job after. (This subject deserve a more in-depth article, that I’ll probably write in the new few weeks).



Now I am ready to go back to my country just for a couple of months before leaving for my next adventure.



Thank you, Cardiff, it was a pleasure …


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Hi, Veronique here! I breathe, write and try to spice up my life by travelling here and there. Welcome and Enjoy.

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