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Don’t be deceived by movies and tv series which picture working in the fashion industry as glamorous, fun.

Working as a PR in the fashion industry means working hard on developing or maintaining the reputation of a brand to a public. The creation of a communication campaign, the organization of a trip as well as setting up an emergency plan to cope with the possible failure of a campaign is what Fashion PR are dealing with.

Yes, one has to admit the existence of a glamorous side made up of cocktails parties, fashion shows invitations. Still, working in this industry is not an easy task. One has to be dedicated. There is also no place for hesitation, lack of knowledge or lack of passion while working in this industry. The more you know about it, better it is to understand its mechanisms.

The first piece of advice given to students, professionals who are interested in working in fashion is: know how to deal with different kind of people. Fashion PR have this particularity to work with fashion editors, models/ celebrities, and the clients/public. Not only they have to juggle between different type of demands but they also need to shape their messages and make sure all the information given are balanced and aim at achieving a similar goal.

A good PR is a professional capable of anticipating any tough questions, capable of keeping his client under the light and keeping a good professional relationship with the media.

Let us not forget about social media, creativity, organization. With these three skills, PR working in the fashion industry can prove their value by creating successful communication campaigns, communicate effectively with the public. Everything in this industry is fleeting, reinvented. Adjustment, development, and innovation are keys to last in this industry.


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