You are in charge of your life

“I am in charge of my life”. It is so easy to say but so difficult to realise it, to embrace it.  I’ve turned 25 last February, and 25 is the age where you start thinking seriously about what you want to do with your life, professionally and personally. You feel this kind of pressure to: have a well-paid job, be in a relationship, start a family and buy a house. Really cliché but true. I’m not the kind of person who follows the rules, I have no interest in following what the society or people expect from me.

I’ve tried a couple months ago to put a label on what I wanted to do, on places I wanted to visit and it all ended up being really stressful and confusing. Then I remembered that what we’re all looking for is happiness. And sometimes we forget ourselves and think too much. So, I took a step back, thought about the last time I was really happy (my holidays in Italy and Spain) and questioned myself: Why was I more happy in Italy and Spain?

Being on holidays with one of my best friends played a huge factor, but it was this feeling of freedom, of letting go that made me happy. I don’t know about you but when I’m on holidays and I’m feeling connected to a place I’m just “completely myself”. I usually observe the surroundings a lot, talk to random people, get to know the country, the culture, the language. As I said before: You’ve never completely visited a city unless you’ve lost yourself in the streets. The top sights give you a knowledge of the past, but walking around the streets randomly, end up talking to people in the street, in cafés, on a plaza at night give you an unmeasurable knowledge of the present (politics, culture, sociology, history & geography).

You are in charge of your life, you are in charge of your own education.


Step out of your comfort zone and go see what’s out there.


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Hi, Veronique here! I breathe, write and try to spice up my life by travelling here and there. Welcome and Enjoy.

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