A random talk – about travelling

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog and I promised myself to be more consistent with my creative projects, so here I am at 10 pm writting and listening to Ha-ash on Spotify.

I was flipping through my albums on Facebook, looking at the photos I’ve taken on holidays. I miss travelling… Ok, I’ve just come back from Cardiff in Wales and I’m about to leave for the South of France, but it is (was) all about work, work, work.


I miss travelling. I’ve realised these past few years that it is such a chance to be able to travel everywhere. I have the chance to live in Europe (France) to be at 2-3 hours by plane from the most well-known cities in Europe and to be surrounded by such beautiful places, amazing cultures.




I haven’t travel that much, I’ve just started and there are so much places I want to discover and experience before my thirties. I’ve actually written a kind of list of everything that I want to do before the age 30. Quite weird but it helps me focus on my dreams and the things I want to accomplish. One of the first things I want to cross from my bucket list is to learn Spanish. I’ve started taking Spanish lessons at University this year and I want to be able to speak it, write it properly by next year (end of 2018). The second thing is to live in a Spanish speaking country for at least 6 months (max 2 years).


And it is about to happen:)! I fell in love with South of Spain 3 years ago, when I put a foot in Malaga for the first time. My friend and I decided to go to Spain for a couple of days. It was our first trip together and we didn’t know what to expect. It was an amazing experience and I promised myself to go back as soon as I could. Two years later, I was on my way to Malaga once again, with another friend – my travel companion. I showed her everything in Malaga and we went on an unplanned one-day trip to Nerja. And I feel in love once again, deeply in love.



Andalucia stole my heart, my soul and made of travelling my life purpose. Now I can’t wait to go to Spain, live there for a couple of month, years and learn to dance salsa.




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Hi, Veronique here! I breathe, write and try to spice up my life by travelling here and there. Welcome and Enjoy.

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